WHEEL - The Path / The Divide EP [BLACK VINYL]


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Product number: OMN.WHEEL.013
Product information "WHEEL - The Path / The Divide EP [BLACK VINYL]"
Introducing "The Path/The Divide EP" - a double EP vinyl from Finnish Prog Metal band Wheel. This release includes the band's first two EPs, "The Path" and "The Divide," which have helped establish Wheel as one of the most exciting acts in the genre.
"The Path" features the powerful single "Farewell," while "The Divide" showcases the standout track "Please." With this vinyl, fans can experience the band's early work all in one place, including their dynamic sound and intricate songwriting.
"The Path/The Divide EP" is a must-have for any fan of prog metal, and a perfect introduction for those new to the genre. Get your hands on this essential release from one of the most exciting bands in the scene.

Black vinyl, printed inner sleeve.

The Change
The Path
It's Over Now
Artist: Wheel
Color effect: Single color
Label/Manufacturer: Odyssey Music Network
Genre: Progressive Metal