WHEEL - Charismatic Leaders [DIGIPAK CD+T-SHIRT]
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WHEEL - Charismatic Leaders [DIGIPAK CD]
Digipak CD. 1. Empire 00:04:21 2. Porcelain 00:07:12 3. Submission 00:10:46 4. Saboteur 00:09:01 5. Disciple 00:04:12 6. Caught In The Afterglow 00:01:13 7. The Freeze 00:10:35 8. Blood Drinker (Bonus Track) 00:04:06 9. Synchronise (Bonus Track) 00:04:05 10. Impervious (Bonus Track) 00:04:23

WHEEL - Resident Human [DIGIPAK CD]
Packing a punch into the seven tracks that make up Wheel's recent album 'Resident Human', each one is varied in its motive and action. Across the vivid vistas of expanding and contracting sounds come the same jagged rapture as ‘Moving Backwards’, but far from treading old ground, this time things find a new level of focused intensity. CD in digipak with 8 page booklet. 1. Dissipating 2. Movement 3. Ascend 4. Hyperion 5. Fugue 6. Resident Human 7. Old Earth

WHEEL - Moving Backwards [DIGIPAK CD]
Merging the complexity in songwriting of Progressive Rock with dirty and heavier sounds, Finnish band Wheel places a new gem on the scene with its debut full length album, "Moving Backwards". After releasing two EPs and playing numerous shows throughout Europe, the quartet continues to address modern social issues in their new release. Both musically and thematically "Moving Backwards" will leave listeners speechless and reflective. CD in digipak with 8 page booklet. 1. Vultures 2. Wheel 3. Tyrant 4. Up The Chain 5. Skeletons 6. Where The Pieces Lie 7. Lacking